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Mallory Pools Frequently Asked Questions


What is a plot plan?

A plot plan is a drawing of your property that shows, existing structures, and easements. A plot plan is included in the closing documents of real estate sales. It can be obtained from county public records and/or may be available on-line.

Is a fence required?

Fence requirements vary by local building codes. One can call their local building department for their specific fencing regulations. Most pools are required to be surrounded by a fence. A few areas will allow an electric cover in place of a fence.

Who applies for the building permits

Mallory Pools will pull all required permits. However, the homeowner is responsible for providing the necessary association approval letters and applying for any variances.

How long does it take to build a pool?

Six to eight weeks are required to complete a pool, depending on weather, shape, size, special features etc. Keep in mind that our pools are completely custom. Thus a standard time frame is very difficult to determine.

Can I customize a pool shape?

Yes, a custom shape is possible however, the manufacturer may require minimum alterations.

What is the depth of a pool with a diving board?

The minimum depth of a diving pool is 8 ft. The minimum length is 32 ft. Minimum width is 16 ft.

How wide of access area is required from the street to pool location?

A minimum width of 12 ft is ideal for the excavation machinery, concrete trucks and other equipment to drive through.

What happens to all the dirt from the excavation of the pool?

The dirt can stay on site and be used for landscaping. The other option is to have it hauled away for a charge.

How long is Ohio's swimming season?

Your swimming season depends on how much you want to heat the water to a desirable swimming temperature. Mallory Pools begins opening pools the beginning of April and closes the last pool in late October. The most popular time to open is the first week in May. Some like to close their pool the week following Labor Day others like to close when the weather starts turning colder in late September.

What are the factors to chemically maintaining a pool?

The following are all variables that will affect chemical usage:

  • Condition of pool chemicals when pool is opened
  • size of pool
  • chemistry of tap water
  • weather
  • swimmer load
  • quality of chemicals
  • how well water is kept balanced
  • length of pool season

What are my pool cover options?

The first option is a winter safety cover that is put on every fall and removed in the spring. The second is an electric cover that allows you to cover the pool year round. The electric cover is about six times the cost of the safety cover. However, it creates savings on chemicals and heating costs.

What is involved in winterizing/opening a pool?

At the end of the season, all the equipment, plumbing lines, and skimmers must be drained and winterized for freezing temperatures. The pool is pumped down to allow for the winter precipitation. Finally the winter cover is installed. In the spring, the winter cover is taken off, plumbing lines are reopened and the equipment is put back into operation.


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