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Automatic Cleaning System


Did you know that swimming pools these days can actually be built to clean themselves? We're not talking about swimming pools with obtrusive suction hoses or cumbersome robots - - we're talking about swimming pools with cleaning technology built right into the pool shell. This virtually invisible cleaning technology can help keep your pool sparkling clean and leave you with more time to spend with your family and friends.

Caretaker 99 is a custom-designed in-floor automatic pool cleaning and circulation system. It's built right into the pool shell and transforms what would be a normal swimming pool into a low-maintenance self-cleaning pool. It's so effective that it comes with the world's first pool cleaning guarantee. It's so durable that it comes with the world's first end-to-end lifetime warranty.

Whenever the normal pool pump turns on, rotating cleaning jets that are flush-mounted with the swimming pool floor, steps and benches automatically pop up. These cleaning jets inject streams of high pressure water across the pool floor. The streams act like brooms which sweep debris out of the pool through the main drain and skimmer. In about one hour, every square inch of the pool will be "swept down" one time. After several cycles, Caretaker 99 will have done its job - - while you relaxed and enjoyed your spare time! It's payback time! Caretaker 99 is not only a leader in swimming pool cleaning technology, but it's also a leader in the reduction of pool operating costs. Independent studies have proven that Caretaker 99 helps reduce chemical usage by up to 50% on given days.  It's also been proven to help reduce heating costs by up to 30%.  These savings can "pay you back" up to several hundred dollars per year for the life of your pool.



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